Hungry Bats after Hurricane Maria - marjoaho

The bat population in the Virgin Islands took a serious hit during the two Category 5 Hurricanes in September 2017. Furthermore, after the Hurricanes, as the vegetation was destroyed, fruitbats, such as The Jamaican Fruit - eating Bat ( Artibeus jamaicensis) in the picture below, were not able to find fruits and berries to feed on. Concerned residents were hanging bananas from trees for the bats to feed on while their natural food was scarce, and for a few months before their natural food-sources again became available, the bats would appear at the feeding stations nightly to feed. These bats are important pollinators of our local fruiting and flowering plants in the Virgin Islands. They play a major role in dispersing the seeds of tropical fruit such as papaya, guavaberry, mangos, soursop, bananas and coconuts, as well as many other native plants.

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Hungry Bat feeding on banana

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